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When College Graduates Move Back Home In the Know 2014

When College Graduates Move Back Home

The pros and cons of bunking back up with Mom and Dad in Fairfield

Fairfield Family Fun Fest Party Pics 2014

Fairfield Family Fun Fest

Town Hall Green and Museum Campus

Volunteer Opportunities in Fairfield In the Know 2014

Volunteer Opportunities in Fairfield

The holiday season isn't the only time volunteers are needed - so get involved this summer!

Perfect Picnic Town Talk 2014

Perfect Picnic

Past meets present for a day of summer fun in the sun

Up & Away Town Talk 2014

Up & Away

Summer is looking up—time to hang around (on ziplines and tree platforms, that is) at The Adventure Park

On We Go Town Talk 2014

On We Go

Local post-grads find themselves in a new web series

Strong Moves Town Talk 2014

Strong Moves

New tech makes it tough to cheat on your fitness routine

Manhattan Getaway Town Talk 2014

Manhattan Getaway

You can’t see everything over a weekend, but you can explore places that are off the beaten (concrete) path. Here are our suggestions for your next adventure in the Big Apple

TVEyes in the Back of Your Head In the Know 2014

TVEyes in the Back of Your Head

An innovative business makes its home in Fairfield.

Wonder Women of Fairfield Party Pics 2014

Wonder Women of Fairfield

Fairfield Museum and History Center