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Tour The Town News 2015

Tour The Town

Walking and biking tours around town

Bubbly Pizza News 2015

Bubbly Pizza

The Granola Bar’s Jes Bengtson to be Guest Chef at Brick + Wood’s Pizza Series

Pair Up News 2015

Pair Up

Creative and delicious food and drinks at Flipside Burgers & Bar

Time to Dine Alfresco News 2015

Time to Dine Alfresco

5 Restaurants with Ample Outdoor Seating

Letarte Warehouse Sale News 2015

Letarte Warehouse Sale

This annual epic event starts June 13

Get In The Zone News 2015

Get In The Zone

Are you ready for beach season?

Gear Up for Giacomo News 2015

Gear Up for Giacomo

Sign up for the CT Challenge, July 24 and 25

Naturally Beautiful News 2015

Naturally Beautiful

On the lookout for an outlet that fulfills your desire for beauty and health? Here are three salons in Fairfield that tout natural sensibility as one many fine traits.

Give Back And Everybody Wins News 2015

Give Back And Everybody Wins

3 charity events to kick off the sunshine seasons – and jumpstart your “give back” groove

Greenfield Hill Congregational Church Dogwood Festival News 2015

Greenfield Hill Congregational Church Dogwood Festival

80 years of tradition carries on, May 1-3