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Fairfield Restaurant Week 2014 In the Know 2014

Fairfield Restaurant Week 2014

October 12-18, dine at more than 30 participating restaurants

Beyond the Trials In the Know 2014

Beyond the Trials

Exploring the Salem witch trials with Jakob Crane’s graphic novel "Lies in the Dust"

Pure Joy In the Know 2014

Pure Joy

View vet and stand-up comedian Joy Behar to split sides at StageOne!

Mercato Facelift In the Know 2014

Mercato Facelift

The Greenfield Hill Mercato undergoes a major renovation

Making In-Roads In the Know 2014

Making In-Roads

Fairfielders Work to Make Town ‘Bike-Walk’ Friendly

Know Your Fro-Yo In the Know 2014

Know Your Fro-Yo

Three distinct frozen yogurt spots sure to satisfy

“No Rest for the Wicked”: Popa Chubby at FTC! In the Know 2014

“No Rest for the Wicked”: Popa Chubby at FTC!

Hard rock blues boy Popa Chubby talks Pitbulls, Madonna, and other summertime staples!

Open Mic Round Up In the Know 2014

Open Mic Round Up

Four open mic nights you don’t have to feel weird about

Forever Students: Open Visions Forum In the Know 2014

Forever Students: Open Visions Forum

6 chances to “get schooled” at the Quick Center for the Arts

Hana Tokyo In the Know 2014

Hana Tokyo

New hibachi restaurant and sushi bar is the latest addition to the Fairfield restaurant scene.