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Be A Team Player Town Talk 2012

Be A Team Player

The FTC participates in the Stratton Faxon Fairfield Road Races

Try It: New Direction Town Talk 2012

Try It: New Direction

Practicing yoga led to unexpected stretching

Vegging Out Town Talk 2012

Vegging Out

Visiting a veggie eatery in Fairfield

Two Real Town Talk 2012

Two Real

Two new books by Dr. Philip Eliasoph, art history professor at Fairfield University

Dig It Town Talk 2012

Dig It

Sasqua Garden Club, member of the Garden Club of America, nurtures love of nature, conservation and civic contribution

In Full Bloom Town Talk 2012

In Full Bloom

The 77th Annual Dogwood Festival Delights Again

Coming Into View Town Talk 2012

Coming Into View

Art has an uncanny way of thriving, no matter the challenges. Here are just two unexpected and refreshing venues, thanks to generous patrons

Shady Lady Town Talk 2012

Shady Lady

Fairfield’s Brenda Lynn proves a stylish hat beats a baseball cap

It’s Complicated Town Talk 2012

It’s Complicated

A moving novel about being a mother