Give Your Brain a Boost

A new computer and math learning center in Fairfield

Kendra Wingate Guilfoile

Brain Boost is a new computer and math learning center for both kids and adults of all ages. Math tutoring, computer tutoring and camps are offered as they combine online audio/visual content with in class instruction and problem solving (in groups of 10-12 students).

Brain Boost’s instructors believe that learning analytical skills is getting lost. They want to help you and your child learn to think analytically, to understand a collection of concepts and build a solid foundation in math and computer programming. "Programming is a powerful way to interact with the computing resources that are everywhere in today’s world. This fact is being recognized by National organizations and even corporate America."

Complete Transparency: The Khan Academy is used to track one’s progress on a state of the art website.

Focus Area’s: "We have identified core concepts in math and computer science that have helped us and many of our colleges become successful in the real world. We ensure your child has a solid foundation in core concepts by offering focused foundation-only classes. We will have natural progression toward advancement."

Instructors: Brain boost has a Team of seasoned industry experts in the field of quantitative software development with decades of experience working in Intel, Cisco and various startups as well as in the Investment Banking and Technology areas. 

Mission statement: "We teach mathematics and computer software development to middle and high school students. If you want your child to get world class supplemental education and want to explore how we can help your child succeed, please reach out to us."

December offerings:

Brain Boost

1172 Post Road

Fairfield, CT 06824 


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