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Volunteer Opportunities in Fairfield

The holiday season isn't the only time volunteers are needed - so get involved this summer!


Many organizations in town thrive because of the invaluable support of their dedicated volunteers — who willingly offer not only their time, but their expertise as well.

While people are eager to offer a hand during the holiday season in December, sometimes we forget that these organizations could use the volunteer support during the summer months as well!

Local schools, houses of worship, libraries, youth groups and hospitals offer a wide array of volunteer opportunities from which to choose. I have listed a few suggestions, to help you get started.

Feeding neighbors in need:

Community Plates is a technology fueled, volunteer driven food rescue organization. Americans throw away over 23 million tons of food annually, but some of that food could be put to good use before it is thrown away. Volunteers (aka ‘food runners’) rescue food from generous donors such as restaurants, caterers, grocers and other food service organizations (that would otherwise be thrown away) and directly transfer the food to local food pantries and soup kitchens. These organizations then serve the food to those in need. Donations and fundraising efforts are also available. communityplates.org

Operation Hope needs help with meal serving, gathering donations and tag sales. Even one day per week for two hours is appreciated. operationhopect.org or call Katie O’Connell at 203.254.2935.

Working with youth:

Burroughs Community Center (Bridgeport) offers a variety of programs including art, fitness, educational, financial literacy, and facility resources for the purpose of promoting individual growth and community cohesiveness. burroughscc.org

BCC is a partner of Wakeman’s Boys and Girls Club (Southport and Stratfield) and the McKinley Outreach Program (mentoring in Fairfield). Each of the venues works toward a common goal and rely on volunteer support throughout the year. Workforce Development and Development Volunteer positions are also offered, along with coaching opportunities, as Wakemans serves over 4,000 youth in its three vibrant clubhouses. wakemanclub.org

Working with seniors:

Fairfield’s Senior Center recently welcomed a new Director and has many new and inspirational initiatives currently in the works, boosting volunteer opportunities with their programs, services, social services, craft shop and counseling. Bonus: transportation services are provided. 203.256.3166.

In addition to many opportunities to volunteer at our local libraries, the Fairfield Museum and History Center also offers an opportunity to stay cool while doing your part in giving back to the community. They seek good teachers and storytellers who love to share their interests with others, along with Museum Guides who conduct walking tours of the Historic Town Green and the 1750’s Ogden House. Contact Walter Matis for more info. 203.259.1598 x 104

Environmental/ pet friendly work:

The Connecticut Audubon Society welcomes volunteers in an assortment of ways; from office help, to fundraising, mailings and telephone assistance, to hands on animal care, bird banding and outdoor projects. Contact Nelson North: nnorth@ctaudubon.org or call 203.259.6305.

Save the Sound offers exceptional environmental opportunities with its numerous worthwhile volunteer positions and annual beach cleanups. Contact Kierran Broatch at 203.787.0646 x 113 or email volunteer@savethesound.org.

Also browse: longislandsoundstudy.net and hit their ‘get involved’ icon. Each seeks donations and offer fundraising opportunities as well.

The wonderful Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk is a nonprofit institution that relies on the support of hundreds of dedicated volunteers each year. Enjoy meaningful hours working on aquarium exhibits, interpreting displays, welcoming, orienting and educating visitors, staffing the seal pool, touch tanks, shark & ray pools and more. Email volunteers@maritimeaquarium.org or call 203.852.0700 x 2225

PAWS (the Pet Animal Welfare Society) offers opportunities to work within local shelters or to host fundraising events (as easy as gathering towels and blankets) or pet food drives of your own. pawsct.org

Many of these venues listed also offer Youth Volunteer Opportunities; summer learning and experience, while performing good deeds. A win-win and it builds character!


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