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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Make someone's day, February 10th - 16th in Fairfield.


Change the course of someone's day. Random Acts of Kindness Week will be held February 10-16, 2014. The Fairfield community is encouraged to participate!

This new community wide event was spearheaded by resident Veronica Mollica, who explains, "Random Acts of Kindness Week was designed to raise awareness about the incredible power of kindness."

Veronica was looking for a way to teach her two children, Ryan and Grace, to remember on a moment to moment basis everything we think, say and do makes a difference and believes practicing kindness begins at home each day.

“I can think of nothing more appropriate in honor of our 375th Anniversary Celebration than participating in Random Acts of Kindness. This makes our town a friendlier and more welcoming community,” says First Selectman Michael Tetreau. “It is an act of giving rather than receiving, which is in total keeping with Fairfield’s character and volunteer spirit.”

There was much success last year, when the North Stratfield Schools' Kindness Committee printed one thousand 'Kindness Matters' stickers for distribution among other acts of promoting gratitude. This year, they have even bigger plans in the works. 

They are in the process of creating and distributing more handmade cards, which they’ll deliver to the Senior Center and Carlton on ‘Kindness Excursions.' Days will be designated as ‘Bus Driver Appreciation Day,' ‘Custodian Appreciation Day'’ and ‘Lunch Staff/Aide Appreciation Day.' 5th graders will read ‘what kindness means to me’ essays, and a food drive will be held as they continue spreading kindness during this week long celebration.

This dynamic committee hopes to inspire residents throughout the community to perform acts of kindness. Even the smallest of gestures, a showing of appreciation or a sincere thank you, makes a difference.

“If we are hurried or short or judgmental toward others, our children will model that. If we slow down, take the time to connect, and make a consistent effort to make others feel good, then they will take that lead,” Veronica says. “Name calling, excluding, and bullying can have long lasting detrimental effects on a person’s emotional health. We need to be stewards of one another, look out for one another and reach out to those suffering, lonely or marginalized. We have that responsibility to one another.”

In the spirit of this week, I recently heard of a wonderful act of kindness: A mother working in a store in town was chatting with a customer. She explained that her daughter needed a new lacrosse stick and face mask (which may not have been in the budget). It turned out the customer was a local girls lacrosse Coach! The coach ran out to her car and came back in with a brand new — tags on — lacrosse stick and face mask! A gift! Way to go, Coach!

Community members, schools, businesses, both the young and the old, and all are encouraged to join in on this uplifting event. Please pass the word along: kindness matters!  

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