Royal House Cambodian Cuisine

Bringing the flavors of Asia and Europe to Fairfield

Owners Minh and Mandy spent two decades operating a busy Manhattan establishment before embarking on a six month hiatus, traveling throughout Asia and Europe, hoping to discover new flavors to inspire their menu. They now encourage the community to ‘come and find out about their adventures in a relaxed atmosphere’ in their newly opened one of a kind restaurant.

Palate delights abound as you enjoy foods from the other side of the globe, you may never have experienced before! 

Appetizers: Khmer Fish Cake: ground filled fish mixed with red curry, ground shrimp, string beans, topped with Khmer style sauce, vegetable spring rolls, shrimp and crabmeat spring rolls, fried dumplings, fried vegetable dumplings, crispy tofu and more.

Soups: Khmer Sweet and Sour Soup: shrimp, fish balls with lotus rootlets, pineapple and tomato, simmered in coriander, lime leaves, lemongrass and Khmer countryside broth. Soup of the day is also offered — varies.

Salads: Papaya Salad and Mango Salad: chopped green mangos with avocado, coconut and peanut soaked lime juice.

More offerings: Khmer Curry, Khmer Noodle, Khmer Fried Rice dishes.

Duck delights: Phnom Penh Roast Duck, Tamarind Duck, Duck Salad: sliced duck, pineapple, orange, red onion, chili pepper and cashew nuts soaked in lime juice.

Fish offerings: Sweet and Sour, Amok, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Whole Fish with banana leaves, tamarind sauce with pineapple or fresh basil sauce top this dish.

Five Siem Reap Specials: Barbeque Chicken, shrimp and avocado curry, jumbo shrimp curry, shrimp and scallops, and Bot Banh Xeo – a Siem Reap style crepe with ground shrimp, chicken, onions, and bean sprouts served on crushed peanuts with fish sauce on the side.

Eight Entrée offerings: Basil onion, green curry fish, chicken and cashew nuts, yellow curry chicken, green curry fish, royal house fried rice, lemon grass noodle soup, beef ball noodle soup and Mie Ca Dong – choice of chicken, beef or pork sautéed with flat rice noodles in gravy.

Desserts: Sweet sticky rice pudding with coconut milk, mango mousse cake and sweet mango with sticky rice (seasonal).

Numerous wine offerings – by the glass or bottle — include: sparkling, white (six – from around the world), rose, red (six from around the world), and Hakutsuro Plum Wine.

Bonus: take out, reservations are accepted.

Bony Chamnng Ahar! (Enjoy your meal!)

Royal House Cambodian Cuisine

222 Post Road

Fairfield, CT 06824


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