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TVEyes in the Back of Your Head

An innovative business makes its home in Fairfield.


With a mission to organize the world’s television and radio broadcasts (including breaking news) and make them universally searchable, David Ives, Software Developer and TVEyes Founder, along with his team, have developed a new approach to broadcast monitoring in the growing field of audio/video searches.

Headquartered in Fairfield with operational facilities located throughout the United States as well as internationally, TVEyes business model has grown to encompass a wide range of services and market segments involving automated speech-to-text and advanced audio/video searches.  As the first media monitoring company to deploy a worldwide network of fully automated television and radio monitoring servers, TVEyes continually adds coverage to its network.             

“Prior to starting TVEyes, I was writing custom data base software for different companies. As a part of that consultancy, a partner and I got this idea – let’s write some software that watches TV,” said Ives. “So (in 1999) I wrote the first version of software that actually watches the text on TV, closed caption, and sent out instant alerts within seconds.” Continuing to evolve, full video was added in 2001, “so when you got an alert, you could not only read the transcript, you could hit play and actually see a snippet of video,” from your search title.

Growing quickly:

Formed in 1999, in the field of radio and television monitoring, this company quickly became the most technically advanced media monitoring company in the world.

TVEyes subscriptions are very important to the public relations community and agencies (members of Congress, the White House, and Federal Agencies are clients and TVEyes technology has been recognized by the United States Department of Defense as a soul source provider for key monitoring applications throughout the world). TVEyes is focused on the international market and is currently monitoring television and radio in sixteen countries, nine different languages, and plans to develop 3-4 more languages this year, allowing them access to new countries. Most of their work is automated – the television watching, the alerting and the infrastructure is software driven. Information is key to this global company.

Media Monitoring:

Is provided in real time, as a web-based service tracks, transcribes and alerts users to subject-matter and keyword-relevant television and radio broadcasts, providing both an economical and time-efficient way to know exactly what is being said about any issue, subject or person. All 210 U.S. DMA’s and major International markets and alerts are monitored whenever a keyword or phrase of interest is mentioned. Notification is then delivered via email, iPh app, or internet connected device, offering unlimited access to real-time news broadcasts (as well as a 90 day archive).

Broadcast Media Monitoring Resources include:

An unbiased checklist that covers the top 20 areas to consider when selecting media monitoring solutions. 

A Case Study in broadcast media monitoring: competitor group, Inc., global event’s organizer, Fortune 500 specialty retailer, election campaign playbook (help your candidate win an election), and a crisis management playbook.

An average monthly subscription costs about $500, allowing access to the data base (discounts do apply – i.e. local monitoring only or large volume).

“We’re excited about the past 15 years of growth and look forward to the next level with this new high tech environment that we’ve created for ourselves,” continued Ives. “I’m a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce and we enjoy being a part of the community.”


1150 Post Road (new location)

(203) 254-3600


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