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Insiders' Guide 2012

50 insider tips on must see, must do this year in Fairfield

photograph by john bessler

We couldn’t possibly list all the wonderful things about Fairfield when creating our “Insider’s Guide.” We did try to give you the scoop on little-known treasures as well as many of the places, events and finds that we’ve discovered or stumbled across over the years. Still, we’re bound to have missed something. Have one that astonishes you? Feel free to share it with us in an e-mail: dianes@mofflymedia.com. Or don’t say a word, knowing there’s gem you can keep all to yourself.

1. Any Way You Slice It
We counted twenty-two places in town that make a pizza from scratch. There’s clam pie, salad pie, hot-oil-and-pepper pie and many choices about crust. Florindo D’Arcangelo is still turning out great pies after sixty years at Apizza Center. Pies are consistently great at Nauti Dolphin, and we like to spread out with our pals at the new Colony Grill. The service is friendly, the pies, intriguing, the vibe, simmering. We love to talk about Pepe’s because they clams are shucked fresh each day for the white pie.

2. So Sweet
Three cozy spots to duck into on a chilly day: Isabelle et Vincent is an authentic French patisserie and bakes all things warm and yummy, along with a café au lait; Bon Appetit has wizards in the kitchen to turn out delicious crêpes, soufflés, and more. pink cupcake shack makes difficult choices easier with a sampler box: six little baby cakes, each a different flavor.

3. Real Food To Go
Time to make dinner. Again. Just like last night. And tomorrow. And, well, forever. Check out the fake-it-don’t-make-it pre-made options from The Pantry, Centro, cinch, Health in a Hurry and A&S Fine Foods. There’s a reason you have to wait (and wait, and wait) in line at A&S. Carmine Bettimelli and his crew make the mozzarella fresh each day, run a top-notch butcher shop and serve specials cooked from scratch. Don’t forget cinch, which wraps-up meals so good we want to claim them as our own creation.

4. Keep It Simple
Do you have a finicky, wants-what-he-wants eater in your family? Head to the newly opened chip’s family restaurant with forty varieties of pancakes to choose from. Our imgination doesn’t extend much beyond blueberries—but, then again, we’re not professionals in the pancake business.

For the full story see the January/February 2012 issue of Fairfield Living magazine.

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