From the Editor: Moving On

Are you ready for something new? Of course you are! It’s the start of a new year, which is the perfect time to take stock of things. Honor the past, evaluate the present, set a direction for the future. This issue does just that by looking at our hometown.

Let’s start with the dynamic father-son team: Al Kleban and Ken Kleban. Most Fairfielders are familiar with that last name; and if they’re not, they are certainly familiar with their work. The Klebans have been a force behind the town’s dramatic changes—downtown at The Brick Walk and its tower and promenade (Molto anyone?), Ring’s End Plaza (home to Flipside Burger) and the Fairfield Center Building (Victoria’s Secret), and up on Black Rock Turnpike with Enterprise 3 Shopping Center (with Garden Catering), Fairway Plaza (home to Boston Market), Katona Corner (love Billy’s Bakery), Black Rock Shopping Center (Gap, Old Navy, etc.) and others—residing over some 200 tenants.

I won’t give away the terrific story writer Carol Leonetti Dannhauser contributed to this issue. My point is that the Klebans have found a way to move the town forward while honoring its past. The character of their projects embrace the character of the town. If someone doesn’t enjoy Molto or Fairfield University Bookstore, I have yet to hear about it.

The story on the transformation of Fairfield is eye-opening, especially when paired with this issue’s coverage of historic town landmarks and founders and events and more in celebration of our 375th anniversary as a town. We’re grateful to Town Hall, the Fairfield Museum and History Center, and Remembering Fairfield, Connecticut by Rita Papazian (The History Press/2007) for providing information and perspective on our town’s story.

If all this gives broadens your view of town (and I hope it does), so will this: Head out of town. That’s right—travel. For our annual piece on amazing destinations around the world, we asked Fairfielders to share their favorite getaways. Of course, everyone is different. Some people like it hot, some like to totally chill on a vacation—that’s why our picks take you to different destinations, from warm and breezy to cold and snowy. They’re all equally refreshing.

New year, new thinking—it’s the perfect time to break out of old routines and try invigorating choices that offer fresh ideas and insights.

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