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From the Editor: You're the Best

Our best of issue is a lot of fun. It’s like rooting for your favorite team. If they win, you’re happy. If not, you’re really ticked off. The moment one dares to add “Best” to anything, a spark will happen. And yet, either way, it’s interesting and engaging.  

When I hear cheers and jeers, I ask, “Did you vote?” Our Best Of winners—all the shops, salons, fitness studios, restaurants and everything else—is the result of our readers poll. We received more than 13,000 votes for the more than 190 categories. So, yes, the people have spoken! Of course, the editors at the magazine couldn’t hold back from throwing in our own opinions, too; we added a few more great places for you to consider. Not to worry, though. We clearly marked our selections to avoid confusion between our picks and those of the experts we report to: You!

There’s one more point I want to make about Best Of. We have two listings. One covers all of Fairfield County; the other focuses on Fairfield. Whether you travel up and down the coast or stay within your hometown’s borders, we reveal the best places for 2013. Some unexpected wins might just delight you. Think of it as a chance to see where you live with new eyes.

I love the idea of seeing things anew. It’s like trying on new glasses and seeing your town like visitors see it. This concept goes back to hearing a friend describe downtown like a vacation spot. Guess what? It is! It’s just that we also live here. That got me thinking about a special “Town Talk” section with suggestions for spending a day out on the town. Pick what you’re in the mood for—vacay vibe, friendly stroll, get-it-done, or fun and funky—and check out our sampling of places. We couldn’t cover everything, though we tried! Maybe you’ll discover something new or remember how amazing this familiar place really is.

The bottom line for this issue is to embrace and enjoy our area. Never take for granted that we are energetic, intelligent, beautiful, kind, honorable, gracious and interesting.

If you like the issue, then be sure to grab your nearest and dearest and join us for our Best Of party on July 25. This is like an enormous block party, with food, music, dancing, shopping and more. This year’s Best Of winners provide a taste of what they do. It’s like an insider guiding you through the best life has to offer here. 

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