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From The Editor: The One

You’re driving along, a million things on your mind—the fuel bill, the tuition increase, the new yogurt place, dropping the dog off for grooming, returning a friend’s call—and you suddenly notice a house. You don’t even know who lives there. But there’s just something so perfect about it. Handsome, grand, friendly, tidy—what is the captivating quality? You notice the landscaping—not too much, not too little. And the house just sits so comfortably on the lot. You’re pulled out of your busyness to realize a moment of bliss, and you’re not even the owner.

Well, that’s how it was for us at the Fairfield Living magazine when we worked on our real estate issue. We all shared stories about homes around town that have caught our eye...and then we decided we’d simply walk up, knock on the door, find out who lived there and ask if we could photograph the home for the publication. Bold, I know. Unusual, absolutely.

But I have to say, each of the homeowners was remarkably gracious and accommodating. After all, they love their homes and their hometown, too. We know we missed a number of incredible places; there’s simply no way to capture all of the praiseworthy cottages, Capes, Greek Revivals and Colonials here. Think of this pictorial as an ode to the town of Fairfield. These homes have heart and spirit that speak to the town’s identity (see page 51). We also asked writer C. J. Hughesto check into the hot real estate topics that seem to be on everyone’s lips. Yes, including taxes. See what else he found out and what it means for your home (see page 62). There’s a lot to discuss and maybe even disagree with.

After enjoying Chef Jamie Cooper’s gorgeous and delicious dishes (see our review on page 94), we think you’ll enjoy chewing over the issues of favorite homes and real estate taxes while dining at his restaurant, Bonda, which sets the stage for a colorful evening.

P.S. Thank you for all of the kind words and cheers for the latest issues! Keep sharing your story ideas and feedback—send your e-mail to dianes@mofflymedia.com.

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