Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival

The go-getters of Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival add sparkle and magic to this town tradition

Holiday spirit

The community of merry folk working together on the annual Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival has elevated it from an event to the unofficial town holiday kickoff. Many local elves magically transform the Burr Homestead to make the event happen. For months, the Kennedy Center clients make ornaments, area designers plan out details of their decorated rooms and a volunteers check the list of details, like bows on the wreaths for sale.

“We started out with very small expectations all those many years ago,” says founding member, board member, and Burr Homestead front room decorator Candy Raveis. “Just a small group of women who wanted to make a difference in the community. The festival grew and grew, and now I feel that as we have helped those less fortunate, we also have enriched the lives of our families beyond measure.”

The Homestead will be magnificently decorated from top to bottom by local volunteer designers, featuring fourteen decorated rooms with items to purchase.

“It’s a wonderful event for the town of Fairfield as well. We hear over and over again that our festival is magical and the start of a very festive season, a safe place to take the children to see Santa, gather gifts to put under the tree, see new ideas from all the imaginative decorators who deck the Burr halls,” says Candy.

While admiring the decorations, and shopping for wreathes, stockings and more, and enjoying the various events throughout the weekend, guests will be doing good. The festival gives back. “This year the 2013 Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival will benefit The Kennedy Center in Bridgeport,” says board member and chair of decorating committee Shaun Amberg.

All proceeds raised at the event will fund The Kennedy Center’s new Artist Cooperative program, which will be opening late fall.

The theme for this year’s festival is “A Celebration of the Human Spirit,” which expresses the elements of the new Kennedy Center artist program and is also fitting for the people who make the event come to life each year. The tri-chairs this year are Fairfield residents Kathy Flynn, Dottie Kellersman and Laurie Zollinger.

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