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Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Tips for disposing of your tree in an eco-friendly way!


Once Christmas is over, the trees must eventually go. If they stay too long and become too dried out, there is a higher risk of the tree catching fire.

But what to do with these trees? Here are ways to dispose of them in Fairfield:

When to Get Rid of Your Tree: Once the Holidays are over and your tree begins to lose its needles, it is recommended the tree be removed from your home. Most local hardware stores carry ‘Tree Bags’ you can slide down over the top of your tree for a somewhat needle-less removal job. Tip: needles can clog your vacuum; therefore sweeping is suggested.

Disposal Choices: Curb side pickup is often an available option through your private trash hauler/sanitation company. Trees should be placed curbside without ornaments for collection in the few weeks following Christmas. Separate your tree from your regular household trash (contact your private hauler for specifics). Trees should not be blocking traffic and any trees over seven feet in length should be cut.

Recycling Options: If you do not have at-home pick up service or have missed it, trees can be brought to Harvest New England (formerly Green Cycle) at 295 Richard White Way (formerly One Rod Highway) off Reef Road, where it will be recycled for free. The Recycling Center is open from 8am — 3pm weekdays and on January 11th and 18th from 8am — 1pm. Clean, bare trees only!

Mulching Options: Mulching discarded Christmas trees is a rapidly growing trendand is a great option. A Christmas tree is biodegradable. Once chipped and shredded the trees create mulch for spring gardens or as a natural path material benefitting both the environment and hikers alike. The Bridgeport Home Depot has Wood Chippers available for rent (4 hour or full day options) and will teach you how to safely use the equipment. (203) 373-5700 x400

Natural Choices: Enjoy back yard birding! Place your Christmas tree in the back yard or garden and use it as a winter bird feeder, shelter and sanctuary for local birds. Make sure all decorations, tinsel and hooks have been removed and you and your family can then enjoy creating healthy delicacies for the local wildlife. String popcorn and fresh orange slices, coat pinecones with peanut butter and roll each in bird seed or purchase store bought bird seed and suet. The CT Audubon also has many options available. 

Caution: do NOT burn your tree in a fireplace or wood stove. Most evergreens have a high content of flammable turpentine oils which can contribute to creosote buildup in your chimney and could possibly lead to a chimney fire.

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