Just Roll With It

The Local Meatball

A self-diagnosed “meatball junkie,” Michael DiSassio says he got tired of driving around Fairfield County looking for the “perfect” meatball. What he was after was the kind of dish made from all-natural ingredients he enjoyed as a boy in his grandmother’s kitchen. At the same time, he became aware of others craving great meatballs, too, and restaurants devoted to the spicy orb opening in NYC. On March 31 of last year, DiSassio unrolled The Local Meatball, delivering his home-made product by marinara-red cart, car and van to residents for parties, festivals and special events throughout upper Fairfield County (try his bacon-cheeseburger meatballs!). “Like the cupcake thing, everything has its day,” he explains of his success. “Hopefully, this will last longer than a day. Everyone loves meatballs!”

203-258-6317; thelocalmeatball.com

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