Lighten Up

A sophisticated firepit? Landscape designers at Sasco Farms show you how to do one with style

An outdoor wood fire draws family and friends and helps make spring and summer evenings more magical. Firepits and bowls are a specialty of Sasco Farms Landscape Associates in Fairfield, where owners Dianna Cutler and head landscape designers John Lloyd and Salim Yolac, formerly of Yolac & Lloyd, are catering to homeowners who, increasingly, are staying home and entertaining outdoors. “Any kind of fire element creates energy and a way to enjoy the outdoors anytime of the year,” says Cutler. “Combined with architectural elements like pergolas and with ample seating, they help create outdoor rooms.” She advises using dry wood, starting the fire before guests arrive and having ample, comfortable seating and plenty of marshmallows for s’mores. 203-345-5758;

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