Retro Chic

Geoffrey Walsky’s fresh take on old-school design and edgy art

Courtesy of Fairfield Antique and Design Center

You might think Geoffrey Walsky—married, father of infant twins, triathlete for charities (something he says without a hint of a brag)—is busy enough. But Walsky
has another new baby: his new Fairfield County Antique and Design Center. The hip space is solid proof that “antique” doesn’t mean “old-fashioned.”

What drew you to this space?   
“My New York stores got slammed during the hurricane. Some of them are still not even open, so I really focused and pushed to get this new space found. I have a friend who’s a real estate broker, and when we found this space, we definitely knew this was it. There’s enough space here. It’s open and clean.”

Do young buyers appreciate antiques?   
“I’m finding that more and more younger people are getting into antiques and design. They’re realizing that the new stuff they’re seeing in stores are just reproductions of old pieces. All those big stores are full of ‘repro-tiques.’ We have Chesterfield sofas that other places are just knocking off. When you really want to get authentic and find high-quality stuff, you go into vintage and antique and even modern design.”

Any advice for newcomers looking to upgrade their interiors?   
“They should just find whatever speaks to them. If they’re looking for a couch, I’m not saying buy the most expensive one, but look around...You’re not going to do a whole room at once, but you start to collect things that you like and that will mix with your styles.”  

Between the twins and the new business, how do you stay sane?
“I take every other Friday off from work just to be with my kids alone because my wife works. I don’t come here [to work] on weekends unless I really have to. I try to manage my work life separately from my home life, but it definitely overlaps. Twins are tough. Especially when they don’t sleep through the night.”

Fairfield County Antique and Design Center, 19 Willard Rd., Norwalk;

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