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Trendy, Version 2

Trendy items you don't want to miss

Boogie Board, to keep you organized

1. Boogie Fever

Used to be a Boogie Board was for the shoreline. Now, over at blinn’s, it’s something completely different: a stainless-steel electronic tablet for drawing, writing and doodling, which clears with a press of a button. Go crazy for grocery lists, family game night scores, kitchen-counter notes and so on. With Boogie Board, write all of your brilliant thoughts—and erase up to 50,000 of the ones that didn't measure up. If you need to save one, just enable the erase lock. Keep it within reach by magnetically attaching it to your fridge.

50 Unquowa Pl., Fairfield, 203- 259-5229.

2. Hovering Crowd

We used to thrill when toy choppers went up in the air—even if they did get taken away by a gust. Now we expect more of our toys. One of the hottest at hobbytown is the quadcopter—a four-bladed toy helicopter. It's well-known to hobbyists and catching on wider. No wonder. With advanced features, these techy flyers boast stable aerial platforms—and unlike other models, capture high-def video (because your neighbor’s privacy is overrated). The design allows for great maneuverability, so fly your quadcopter just about anywhere, from tight indoor turns to outdoor light-wind conditions. Check out its automatic flip mode and a three-axis gyro control system.

Hobbytown USA, 847 Post Rd., Fairfield, 203-256-0773.

3. Leading Ladies

“The trend is definitely more streamlined,” begins Mary Scasino, owner of la moda, a women's boutique in downtown Fairfield. The influencers right now? Kate Middleton—“the waistline is higher, the skirt length a bit longer, the pant leg cleaner,” and Michelle Obama—“short feminine sweaters over fit and flair dress.” For clean, tight lines, Scasino suggests “a fitted leather jacket paired with a silk tank over a straight pant or pencil skirt.” These sophisticated ladies are also revered for tastefully breaking with tradition, as should your spring look—add “bold prints, leather accents and creative accessories,” advises Scasino.

4. Everyone’s Irish

Ever pop a Bud to use as a hair rinse? Now that we are grown up, leave it up to lush to give us a better solution for smooth, glossy, voluminous hair: Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo ($9.95/3.3 oz.). It’s made with real Irish stout and garnished with lemon. We love that it’s coming out in time for St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 at this eco-friendly/green boutique.

Lush Handmade Cosmetics, at Westfield Mall, Trumbull.

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